Olamide attacked in a hotel in Germany for performing for just 20 minutes at his concert – WATCH VIDEO

A German based Nigerian dancer, is currently raving online after she confronted Nigerian rapper, Olamide at his hotel for performing for only 20 minutes at a show.

From the video, it can be seen that the lady is obviously pissed at the minutes the rapper performed at the show – she confronted him after the show at the hotel and verbally assaulted him, calling him a coward.

Olamide who’s not so visible in the video, walked away from her so as to not cause a scene but she kept on complaining as his security tried to calm her down.


Meanwhile, a music critic, Adeyinka Oluwamayowa has written a detailed review of Olamide’s new video, Science student.. and it is worth the read.

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Screenshot From Olamide’s Science Student Video.

There’s already an existing controversy caused by Olamide’s “Science Student” music – when the audio was released. Many accused Olamide of promoting drug abuse with the song.

Olamide later addressed the controversy, stating that the song campaigns against the use of hard drugs, not eulogizing drug abuse. According to Olamide, the song ‘Science Student’ is to address the issue of drug abuse, make it known and let people see the outcome of it when they do it.

He said further in an interview with Vots Tv, where he explained the song in details, justifying that it’s not a means of promoting drugs, he said he feels doing drugs isn’t really cool and he feels its his duty as a part of this generation to let the youth know the truth.

His interview, coupled with his social media posts made people anticipated the music video that was released on February 25. Upon dropping the music video, many got pleased, however, has Olamide been able to convince us that the song ‘Science Student’ preaches against drug abuse with the official music video that was directed by Unlimited L.A and Kaffy Shafau as the creative director?