I recorded Akosua Sika’s sex video to mock her – Ex-boyfriend speaks

We have a winner!! So Akosua Sika apparently did not leak her own sex video as the perpetrator has spoken out.

A former boyfriend of hers, writing on social media, admitted to recording the video to ‘mock’ Akosua Sika which later got leaked from his phone.

According to Isaac Osei, he recorded Akosua Sika at a time they were having a misunderstanding and he wanted to use it to mock her. It was later leaked from his phone to a friend who spread it around.

Osei begged for Ghanaians to stop spreading the video and also said the video wasn’t a ‘gala’ as was being portrayed.


A video which started making rounds on Facebook in the evening of Sunday, December 10 sparked a lot of controversy on social media with tempers flaring up over the issue.

A Facebook user who goes by the name, Akosua Sika was seen in a video being abused by some ladies in a part of Accra for allegedly trying to ‘snatch’ the boyfriend of another Facebook lady.

According to Akosua Sika, she accepted the friend request from one Asaawa Gh and they exchanged contacts and immediately started chatting.

Akosua Sika went on to reveal that Asaawa Gh told her unpleasant stuff about his girlfriend and from all indications, made her (Akosua Sika) believe that he wanted to quit the relationship.

Akosua Sika, who had indicated that Asaawa Gh had already taken a liking for her decided to ask him for money to sort out some stuff. It is believed that Asaawa Gh asked Akosua Sika to come for the money at his residence.

Akosua who did not sense any foul play took it upon herself to visit her friend at his residence for the money.

After she was welcome by Asaawa Gh and made to feel comfortable, a gang of ladies marched into the room being led by Sharon Gh, who is believed to be the girlfriend Asaawa Gh had spoken about.

After some interrogation, Sharon Gh and her friends started attacking Akosua Sika. They locked her up in the room and beat her mercilessly. Afterwards, they requested for her phone and deleted the chat between her (Akosua Sika) and Asaawa Gh.