It may be several months since the much publicized renewed friendship between Davido and Wizkid happened, but one cannot easily forgot all the events that occurred. Social media wars and power struggle are a common trend in the entertainment industry. Musicians, actors and even OAPs are fond of engaging in these squabbles. This is why when the tension between Davido and Wizkid became public knowledge, it came as no surprise. However the beef continued for a few years until 2017 when they eventually made peace. handsome musician Wizkid In a recent interview with Native Magazine, Davido revealed the reasons behind their makeup. According to him, the fight had gone on for too long and they weren’t getting any younger. It simply needed to stop. In his words, “It just got to a point where we just thought, this sh*t is getting old. I mean, it got physical between our camps. We just wanted to make the relationship mutual. He has three kids, I have two kids. I’ve traveled a lot, I have experienced so much more in life, I have two artists that are doing well. Like, this sh*t is old bro, we’re not getting any younger,” The renewed friendship however, birthed an anticipation from fans and colleagues to see the two music stars do a collaboration. Davido in a recent interview revealed that if they would ever do a song together, it would have to come natural and not planned so as to give it their best. Meanwhile, new beef is cooking between music producers Shizzi and Maleek Berry, who are belong to the camps of Davido and Wizkid respectively.

Gradually Nigerian celebrities are slipping out the fact that Tiwa Savage and Wizkid might be more than friends.

While Tiwa is busy promoting her new single titled Tiwa’s vibe and Wizkid is in London attending to his kid and preparing for his Afrorepublic event, only a few people truly know what the two talented singers are up to behind the scenes.

It’s been suspected, based on their level of closeness that Tiwa and Wizkid might have it hot for each other and are actually acting on it. While there’s no mind-blowing evidence, certain things, pictures and words have confirmed it might be true.

Just recently, the supposed friends were seen having lunch at a high brow restaurant in Lagos. Often times, Tiwa makes sure to call the Starboy her “bestie” for all who care to listen. The fact is, it is even more likely they might be an item as Wizkid’s taste in women seems to have evolved ever since he welcomed a third child with his 38-year-old former manager, Jada Pollock who was then a single mother of one.

Interestingly, our African bad girl, Tiwa is also a 38-year-old, single mother of one. Do you see a pattern? However, all of that is just tales compared to Davido’s recent post on twitter, where he seemed to have subtly confirmed that the singers might be dating.

Wizkid wrote: “I’m looking for a sister,” part of the lyrics to Davido’s Assurance song dedicated to his lover, Chioma and OBO responded saying “Tiwa our sister ooo (laughter emoji) STAR BOY.”

Hmm well, Wizkid had mentioned in an interview he desired a female child as he has three boys already. Aunty Tiwa who is a mother of one boy might also be looking for a girl this time, safe to say they are perfect for each other as far as making babies is concerned.

Meanwhile, fans recently blasted Tiwa Savage for allegedly dating Wizkid, saying she’s a disgrace to her family.

Nigerian music goddess, Tiwa Savage and Starboy Wizkid, are steadily giving people a lot to talk about with their rumoured romance.

Earlier on, We reported the news of how Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage received major backlash and criticisms from people on social media, due to her perceived romantic relationship with Wizkid.

Well, it appears the beautiful mother of one is sending a message out there to people and it is not unconnected with why she is closed to Wizkid. Shortly after partying with the father of three, she took to her Insta Story to share series of cryptic messages.

The posts read: “Finding someone you can really connect with is like winning the lottery – It happens basically never, but if it does, you really shouldn’t blow it. Being 100% comfortable around someone is rare but when you find it, it is so beautiful , and safe, and comforting.”

Tiwa Savage parties with Wizkid, says 'being 100% comfortable around someone is rare but beautiful when you find it'

Her post on Instagram
Source: Insta Story/ Tiwa Savage

The last one reads: “Strong women still need their hands held.”

Tiwa Savage parties with Wizkid, says 'being 100% comfortable around someone is rare but beautiful when you find it'

Her post on Instagram
Source: Insta Story/ Tiwa Savage

Ever since Tiwa Savage and Wizkid started spending a lot of time together, there has been a massive reaction about their relationship on social media.

Some people think she is going below her standard by dating Wizkid who isn’t just younger than her but also a ladies’s man while others see nothing wrong as both of them are very single despite their single parent status.

Meanwhile, Wizkid’s ex, Tania Omotayo has since unfollowed Tiwa Savage on social media. Speculations going round believe the two who used to be good friends may have falling out because of Tiwa’s closeness with Wizkid