Famous media personality shares revealing photo of himself and his two girlfriends ‘chilling’ in the bathroom (pics)

The internet has lit up after a viral photo of Radio Africa Group MD Martin Khafafa having the time of his life with two undressed ladies made rounds on the internet.

The gleeful Kenyan chap was spotted taking a shower with two light skinned ladies who seemed to be enjoying every minute of their bathroom session.

He had earlier been spotted hanging out with the ladies in another post on Instagram. See that photo below:

By the looks of things, the three stopped whatever they were doing, posed and Martin went ahead to take an iconic photo.

Weirdly enough, the chap, who seems to deeply enjoy eating life with a big spoon, was spotted on numerous occasions with the same pair of ladies.

See him below:

Could it be a sister-wife kinda situation or are the beauties just willing to share their man?Perhaps we will never know.

Folks on Twitter were not willing to let it slide and decided to give their two cents on the very controversial matter.

As if not enough, netizens decided to link the leaked photo to a previous statement made by controversial blogger Lisa Gaitho.

This to them, was how women are required to wash their blessers whenever they need financial support.

See Reactions below